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It is our mission at BuilderViewer to introduce compelling visuals and innovative solutions for the home and commercial design process


Melonie Madzel

Melonie Madzel 

Founder / CEO

With 22 years as a business owner and interior designer, my focus goes beyond aesthetics. I delve into the human soul, shaping transformative spaces that resonate with individuals. By understanding unique stories and aspirations, I create homes that authentically reflect personalities, offering comfort and a true sense of belonging

Daniel Madzel

Dan Madzel

Co-Founder / COO

I started a company, Gridway Digital in  2011 and worked with many producers around the world developing augmented reality and 3d visuals. Since business closed in 2015, I have worked with Boeing as a 3D artist, and helped introduce stunning visuals to clients for interior design.

Helping builders and homebuyers succeed through the power of cutting-edge 3D Visuals.

At BuilderViewer we wanted to solve the biggest problem in the custom home building industry for the future homeowner: Vision for peace of mind.

New custom home buyers deal with many options from the custom builder to choose from but generally have no sense of design to feel comfortable in what they are purchasing for their new dream home.  The costs and time committed in bringing the interior of your home to life can be overwhelming, especially if you cant see how it will look once installed.

We discovered through experience that many future homeowners wish they could see how it would look with the new flooring, sinks, moldings, cabinetry, backsplash, and so on before the builder begins to install.  Without this option many builders get change orders and lost time due to indecisions from the buyer.


At BuilderViewer we developed a streamlined process that both works for the custom builder and for the future homeowner so lost time, extra costs, and worry are put to an end.

build my dream home virtual reality
custom home design planning

This is not only our passion its the future of the home buying process!

Build your dream home

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